i have wasted my life

...trying to find a date on the internet.

Oct 27

i think i see why you can’t find work

Central Valley, NY 10917 

October 17, 2011 

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Boyfriend/Male Suitor, as advertised on the OKcupid website. 

I have recently completed a two-year post-adulthood relationship with an adult female in which I have demonstrated professional and personal experience in romance and interpersonal communication. In this position I was personally accountable for the success of over 180 diverse dates including trips to movie theatres, hiking, walking on the beach, eating at restaurants, and even one remarkably successful attempt at dancing. Post-date surveys from this period have indicated a consistently high level of date satisfaction. 

Those with whom I have worked with in similar endeavors have noted my personable nature, positive outlook and strong interpersonal skills as highly desirable characteristics. I believe that these characteristics, alongside my successes in interpersonal communication and cohabitation, and my passion for the field of romance will compliment the aim and focus of your life. 

As an energetic candidate, I would be pleased to meet and discuss how I could help promote the goals of your life. Thank you for your consideration. 



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